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Orange Community Housing and Land Trust

Orange Community Housing & Land Trust (the Land Trust) creates permanently affordable homeownership opportunities for low and moderate income families. Land Trust homes are priced to be affordable to the core service workers of Orange County. For example, current homeowners include teachers, housekeepers, postal workers, and local government employees.

When the Land Trust sells a home, it retains title to the property but transfers all ownership rights to the buyer through a 99 year lease. This enables it to sell homes at prices far below market value, and also to keep the homes permanently affordable. Land Trust homeowners build equity and have the same security and legacy as private market owners. Upon resale they earn a portion of the appreciation while the remainder stays with the home, keeping it affordable for generations.

Land Trust housing developments are located in Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Hillsborough. To qualify, applicants must be first-time homebuyers, live or work in Orange County, and meet income restrictions.

For more information, visit the Land Trust's website at or contact Crystal Fisher at (919) 967-1545.